Approved NJDOE Clinic/agency

Miriam Skydell and Associates, LLC is a state approved agency through the NJ DOE.  Through more than 30 years of personal experience in treating children in the field of OT, Miriam has developed a large network and gleaned respect from NJ BOE administrators as well as private, charter and pre -school directors.

Our clinic/ agency contracts with your school and places the most professional and qualified OT PT and ST to provide school based therapy in Bergen, Hudson and Essex county as well as in NYS .

Though we have many long term ongoing contracts our agency specializes in short term coverage, maternity leave, sick leave, sudden influx in students, ESL coverage or over flow caseloads.

For you, this means that you will ever be out of compliance.

With a list of over 120 therapists contacts we can assure that you will never be out of compliance.