April Showers bring may flowers

Goals of Activity:

Hand strengthening,  fine motor control and developoment, sequecing, visual, motor integration, following directions.

What you will need:

Heavy stock paper (if possible), construction paper,  scissors, markers, glue,  colored model magic puddy.

1.Create a template of a leaf, a small cirlce and 6×1 inch rectangle.

2. Have child trace 5 more leaves for a total of 6

3. Have the child cut out all the shapes and  arrange on a peice of colored construction paper using the rectangle as the stem, circle as the centerof the flower and leaves surrounding the center  to create a flower with a stem. (for younger children you may need a model to copy)

4. Glue flower down to the construction paper.

a piece of colored construction paper of child’s choice.

5 Color in flower with markers or for more of a challange, use little pieces of colored model magic to fill in leaves and stem!

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