Rock Monster Craft

Kids of all ages will love this Rock Monster Craft. It’s roaring fun for children who can’t resist filling their pockets with rocks of all shapes and sizes. Rock Monsters look so adorable in potted plants or hidden in the garden. This craft is easy and fun! The kids are going to love it.  Supplies: Rocks (find them outside!)Permanent markersWiggly eyes Hot glue Directions: After gathering your supplies, invite the children to draw on their rocks with the Sharpie markers. It’s a great time for kid ... read more

Rainbow Leaf Prints

Rainbow anything is beautiful but these leaf prints combine the colors of the rainbow with the delicate details of leaves for a finished product you just want to keep looking at!  Whether you use this project as an opportunity to talk about the colors of the rainbow or focus on the sensory aspect of coloring on leaves- it’s a winner! Supplies: Washable markers and leaves- that’s all you need for these leaf print.  Chances are you’ve already got what you need! Any washable marker will do. Thick tip marke ... read more

Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

Today we have an adorable pom pom caterpillar craft! We are so ready for Spring. This caterpillar craft is one of our faves as it’s super easy and they come out looking so cute! The kids love them. They are also very simple to make, making it a great craft for kids, even preschoolers. This fun bug craft also has some cute leaves for our caterpillars to hang out on and eat away. (And we’ll give you the template for these for free!) All you need for this craft are some pom poms (The bigger the better!) some construction paper, small goog ... read more

Polka Dot Slime

Slime never gets old around here! Here is a fun variation on an easy slime recipe. The added pom poms adds a a pop of color and also some great texture for sensory play. Plus, Polka Dot Slime is perfect for BIG WIDE stretches. For those with older children, here’s how to make your very own batch of ULTRA fun Polka Dot Slime: Materials: 2 five ounce bottles of clear school glue Liquid starch Pom poms Instructions: Pour two full five ounce bottles of clear glue into a cup or bowl.I recommend adding a little bit ... read more

Color Beans for Sensory Play

Dried beans are really fun for sensory play, specifically sensory bins. Plus, who doesn’t love vibrant colors!? Everyone is going to want to dig their hands in! Have your kids run their fingers and toes through the beans. Grab some kitchen supplies for some extra tools to play! Maybe they’ll enjoy sorting out the beans by color to make separate meals of blueberries (blue beans), spinach (green beans), and eggs (yellow beans). Really great for practicing colors! Supplies: Dried beans. Any lightly colore ... read more

Pretend Pay Felt Popsicles

Today’s pretend play felt Popsicle craft tutorial is a fun spring/summer themed craft idea that is not only calorie free and fun for all ages BUT it’s also super simple. They make great party photo props and are great for fun imaginative play too! With just some felt, wooden craft sticks, glue and a little imagination – you too can make this completely customizable pretend play felt Popsicle craft with ease! Then use them as decor, in a play kitchen or even as bookmarks. Whatever you do, we hope YOU have fun with it!!! ... read more