Cloud Theme Sensory Bin

LETS HAVE FUN ! Cloud Theme Sensory Bin is another activity that is part of our cloud series.  The sensory bin is made up of cotton wool balls, gem stones and laminated clouds. The cotton wool balls represent the clouds and the blue gem stones represent rain. The aim of the sensory tub is to search and find the printable cloud letters and sort them into groups “C is for Cloud” and “R is for Rain”. Children will have fun searching for clouds and sorting them into two groups that begin with the letter r and letter c. ... read more

Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Here’s a great activity to practice color sorting with your little ones. It’s also great for sensory input! Very easy to set up! You’ll need: fruit loops, a storage container, cups Instructions: Line up six cups, one for each color of the rainbow. A great tool to have, an Easy-Grip Safety Tweezer would be perfect for this activity. Instruct your child to sort the cereal into the cups by color. You for sure can do this activity without the tweezers and just let your child use their fingers to sort. For really ... read more