Bunny Party Hats

These party hats are a great activity to not only practice fine motor skills with the kids, but also a fun way to celebrate Easter. Plus, what a fashion statement to sport at the dinner table!


Step 1: Make the party hats with this template. Any classic party hat template will do.

Step 2: Cut out eyes and noses for the bunny with simple circles and triangles and long thin pieces for the whiskers.

Step 3: Attach the eyes and nose with glue dots.

Step 4: Draw in a simple mouth with your permanent marker.

Step 5: Cut slits in the side of the hat with your craft knife.

Step 6: Cut out ears and fold at the bottom about ¼” up.

Step 7: Insert the ears and secure with tape inside.

Step 8: Attach twine to the sides of the inside of the hat to tie around the head. Secure with tape.

Voila! Enjoy the Easter party with your new bunny hats!

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