Cloud Theme Sensory Bin

LETS HAVE FUN ! Cloud Theme Sensory Bin is another activity that is part of our cloud series.  The sensory bin is made up of cotton wool balls, gem stones and laminated clouds. The cotton wool balls represent the clouds and the blue gem stones represent rain. The aim of the sensory tub is to search and find the printable cloud letters and sort them into groups “C is for Cloud” and “R is for Rain”. Children will have fun searching for clouds and sorting them into two groups that begin with the letter r and letter c. ... read more

Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Here’s a great activity to practice color sorting with your little ones. It’s also great for sensory input! Very easy to set up! You’ll need: fruit loops, a storage container, cups Instructions: Line up six cups, one for each color of the rainbow. A great tool to have, an Easy-Grip Safety Tweezer would be perfect for this activity. Instruct your child to sort the cereal into the cups by color. You for sure can do this activity without the tweezers and just let your child use their fingers to sort. For really ... read more

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a really cool way to get in sensory play with your little ones. These 2 colored ones are awesome for color identifying practice, too! Materials: Bottles – mini travel bottles from Boots are a great size for babiesBaby OilWaterFood coloring or liquid water colorsWilton’s Candy Melt Food ColoringFunnel Start by filling half of the bottle up with water and add a few drops of either food colouring or liquid watercolours. Give it a good swish to spread the colour throughout the water. In a separate bowl ... read more

DIY Pufferfish Craft

Get ready to explore the ocean with your little ones with this “Paper Loop Pufferfish Craft” by Not only a super easy craft, but the activity is great for fine motor skill practice for your older kids. You can find all the supplies and instructions you’ll need here to build your DIY pufferfish. I guarantee you already have all the materials in your home! It’s a fun activity to get in scissor cutting practice, as well. Personalize and ... read more

Gardening with Sensory Kids

Have you’ve taken up gardening with your kids? It’s a great reason to get outside and explore nature with your little ones. Even if you don’t have garden space outside, you can plant an indoor herb garden! It’s good growing weather — how about going outside and getting everyone’s hands dirty? Here’s an article with plenty of information for you and your child to choose a crop to grow, whether you like flowers or food: Bonus: If you have a picky eat ... read more

Paper Fan Watermelon Craft

Keep the kids cool this summer with this Paper Fan Watermelon Craft for Kids! This paper fan craft is easy to make using only a few common materials you probably already have in your home or classroom. Your kids will enjoy some fun, summer crafting and you’ll love how frugal and easy it is! These watermelon paper fans would be a great activity for the kids to do on a rainy day, or as part of a summer party or outdoor picnic. Supplies: paper plateslarge crafting sticksmasking tapepink, green, and black paintpaintbrushcotton s ... read more