Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Here’s a great activity to practice color sorting with your little ones. It’s also great for sensory input!

Very easy to set up!

You’ll need: fruit loops, a storage container, cups

Instructions: Line up six cups, one for each color of the rainbow. A great tool to have, an Easy-Grip Safety Tweezer would be perfect for this activity. Instruct your child to sort the cereal into the cups by color. You for sure can do this activity without the tweezers and just let your child use their fingers to sort. For really young children, it’s great practice using their pincer grip (thumb and forefinger). 

Pop the lid on at night and voilà! Easy to clean up and to store for when the kids want a bit more sensory input… and maybe even a snack! 🙂

Let us know how your kids like this activity in the comments!

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