DIY Sensory Blocks

Check out this craft for DIY Sensory Blocks! This is a perfect craft to practice fine motor skills, as well as a great way to get some sensory play in!

What you’ll need:

-Wood Blocks (either blocks you already own, making them, or purchasing them; make sure they are smooth and without sharp edges!)

-Strong, non-toxic wood glue. a good quality PVA glue will work as well!

– Finally hunt around the house and home for lovely textures – such as buttons, velcro, fabrics, felt, fake grass, lace, plastic netting ….


1. Simply cute your materials to size and glue on with your strong non toxic glue to create a new sensory cube surface.

2. You can also use some “flat drill parts” to make “indents” and add other interesting textures such as mirrors or coins in the recess.

I think this is a TRULY WONDERFUL Sensory Gift and exploration toy, that ANY child, whether they have sensory issues or not, have a disability or not, will enjoy discovering!!!

NOT: like with ALL HOMEMADE TOYS for young children, please do supervise during use, to ensure that the child remains safe. Hanka’s toy has been play with for a long time and they have had  no issues, as their wood glue is strong and good. 

Let us know if you tried this activity!

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