Edible Letters

Learning to write upper case letters can be fun and tasty!  Here’s what you need to motivate your tot to learn.

What you will need:

1. Graham Crackers

2. Vanilla or chocolate frosting

3. M&M s

Scoop frosting onto graham cracker.

Have your child spread the frosting so the whole cracker is covered and smooth.

place cracker in a vertical position so it mimics a small piece of paper.

Place an M&M in the top left hand corner. This will designate where to start the letter. You can demonstrate on a piece of paper or give verbal instruction how to create the letter. Have child use their index finger to draw letter in the frosting. They should press hard enough so the cookie can be seen.

Use finger to erase the letter by smoothing out frosting again.

As a reward for each letter done have your child lick their finger and eat the M&M!!  When you are done practicing., the cookie and frosting are theirs to snack on!!


1. Finger isolation and strengthening

2. Tactile input

3. Handwriting.


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