Fall Leaf Painting













This simple painting activity is a lot of fun, between the leaf collecting, deciding where to place the leaves, and watching the colors mix on the paper to resemble the leaves we see changing outside!

For this craft you will need:

  • Leaves
  • Tape
  • White Paper
  • Paint

To start, put a loop of tape on the bottom of the leaves and let your child stick them onto his paper.
Next, squirt some yellow and red paint into a cup without mixing them, and let your child mix the paint.
Encourage your child to pain over the leaves taped onto the paper!

After your child is done painting, remove the taped leaves to reveal his masterpiece.
The final product is even more beautiful that I thought it would be and I just love it! Such a festive painting that we will use to decorate for the season for many years to come!


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