Fall Projects

Fall’s here and it’s time to get into the spirit. Here are some fun activities for you and your kids to enjoy!

Tracing Paper Leaf Cards


– White Card Stock and Envelopes
– Glue
– Xacto Knife
– Straight edge or rules to use with Xacto knife
– Tracing paper (or Sandwich paper/ Parchment paper works, too!)
– Pens for embellishment
– Autumn foliage


1. Lightly mark a guide to show the size (height only) of your note card on to the tracing paper.

2. Trim the tracing paper to the correct height (but do not trim off the side edges. You will need the tracing paper to be longer than your card in order to create a wrap around.)

3. Mark the front fold by measuring in approximately 1/2 inch.
4. Fold the edge.
5. Fit onto open card stock.
6. Glue this edge to the front inside cover of the card and let dry. Set aside until the card is dry.
7. Bottom row: create patterns with you leaves and glue into place.
8. Once the leaves have been securely glued and are dry, fold the tracing paper back over the card and fold the back edge (as in #5 again) over the back. Glue this edge to the back of the card —- gluing on top of the fold and adhering this edge to the card.
9. Embellish the outside of the card!


You can also:

-Go apple picking

-Go for a hike

-Get lost in a corn maze

-Make an apple or pumpkin pie

-Carve your own pumpkin

-Build a bonfire


Hope you enjoy all the colorful leaves and the great weather!

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