Fall Sticky Wall Craft

Sticky walls are a great early learning tool. They are created using contact paper on windows and walls, sticky side facing out.  Sticky Walls can be used to teach basically any concept. Here are instructions on how to create a Fall tree sticky wall!


Materials Needed:

  • contact paper
  • painter’s tape
  • drawing of a tree on large poster or easel paper
  • fabric leaves
  • laminated paper leaves
  • Sharpie

A Fall sticky wall activity is a great way to practice spelling, and great way to begin a conversation on leaf colors and patterns!


You can begin by drawing a tree trunk and branches, or encourage your child to do so, depending on his/her age.
You can use the laminated leaves and fabric leaves to stick on to the tree trunk as your child sees fit.

The most fun part about this activity was that the fabric leaves won’t stick that well to the contact paper. This means that your child could blow on them and then some of the leaves will fall down. Soon, your child will realize this is the perfect Fall activity and will enjoy trying to pretend to be the wind and make the leaves fall to the ground!

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