Frankenstein Halloween Pops

These are so easy to make.  With kids its even more fun to do. Easy for little hands to help.

Marshmallows, Chocolate Jimmie Sprinkles, Pop Sticks & Candy Melts

Simply press the sticks into the bottom of the marshmallows

We melted green candy melts into a glass cup. So that it was deep to submerge the marshmallows in. Melt them in the microwave and stir in 5 -7 second intervals. If you melt too long/too hot you will ruin the candy. Be careful. Once it is smooth, you can dip your marshmallow into the candy melt and tap off the excess.

Turn upside down and dip into the chocolate sprinkles.

Allow them all to harden.  We put them in the freezer for 2 minutes. If you leave them too long they will begin to sweat. Just long enough to harden. You will need a stand to hold them up. We used one we have in our home. However you can use floral styrofoam blocks to stick them in to stand up.

Then we use a Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens, Assorted Colors, Set of 10 black marker to draw the faces on. Do not try this with a Wilton brand it will not work. I know from experience.

Once I drew my face on my little girl decided to do her faces the same :)

Sweet little hands hard at work. She is creating a batch to take to school to share with her classmates. She is extremely excited.

Allow the ink to dry and you have an easy/tasty treat :) Just spooky enough for Halloween  :)

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