Glitter Celebration Star Wands

Here are cute celebration glitter wands you can make to ring in the New Year with the kids. They also make fun party crafts for a magical fairy or princess party. Find out below how easy they are to make from cardboard stars!

You’ll need:

– cardboard
– dowel rods (we used 6″ long sticks)
– glitter
– scissors, cardstock paper, pencil
– Mod Podge and craft glue
– ribbon and pom poms (optional)


1.  Trace out small stars on cardstock paper and use them as templates to cut out stars on cardboard (you can do a search online for “star template” and print out any size you’d like).

2.  Add a layer of Mod Podge to each cardboard star and sprinkle with glitter. Use your fingers to spread evenly and also flip the star over to catch glitter that’s fallen to fill the star completely. When dried, shake off excess glitter.

3. Place glue on the back of a dowel rod and glue to a cardboard star. Allow to dry completely. If you’d like you can tie ribbon and glue pom pom’s on the ribbon to make the wands more festive. You’re done!

These make pretty and festive wands kids can make for any celebration, big or small. Although we left them plain, you can give them a new year’s twist by painting the year on top of the stars or affixing number stickers on them.

Miriam Skydell and Associates, LLC is wishing you the Happiest and Healthiest New Year!

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