Love is Magnetic

I saw this really cool idea for Valentine’s Day on and wanted to share with all of my followers. 
Love, like magnets, can repel or attract. JDaniel’s mom put together a science activity for kids which looks at how magnets work together with things that they are attracted to.

Supplies for a Magnetic Heart Jar

Create a magnetic heart jar filled with things that magnets are attracted to using the following materials:

  • red, pink and white pipecleaners
  • empty peanut jar
  • paperclips bent into hearts
  • ball magnets
To put the magnetic heart jar together:

Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds and bend them into heart shapes

Put all the pipe cleaner hearts and paperclip hearts into the jar

Screw on the lid

Once the lid is screwed on, the fun begins!
Try to have your child roll the magnet up and down the side of the jar to see how many items they can pick up. Then, have them play around with different tasks; see how many items they can roll across the side of the jar or all the way around!
You might see that at first many of the objects clump together in a bunch, but this can help your child learn to be patient and to work carefully to try to just have a few objects follow where ever theylead them with the magnet.  The more they practice the more control they will have over the objects in the jar.


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