“Owl Love You!!”

“Owl Love You!” Heart Owl Kids’ Craft for Valentine’s Day

This cute little “love” owl is almost entirely made out of hearts. Not only is it a fun craft for kids to do, but it is also without a doubt going to charm anyone lucky enough to be the receiver of such a Valentine.  Children of all ages will enjoy putting this together.

Materials needed:

  • brown paper (grocery bags are perfect!)
  • red and pink construction paper
  • potatoes
  • linoleum cutter and/or paring knife
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • ink pad
  • black marker
Potato shapes cut for: eyes, beak and heart texture

Preparation: Adult carves out potatoes in shapes shown above with linoleum block cutter and paring knife.

Preparation (continued): Depending on skill level of child, either adult or child cuts out 2 large brown symmetrical hearts (for head and body), 2 medium-sized brown symmetrical hearts (for wings), 4 tiny hearts (red paper for ears and talons), and 1 small heart (pink for Valentine note).

Step one: Using ink from ink pad and heart-shaped stamp, child presses pattern all over one of the big heart cut-outs (the body of the owl).

Step Two: Child presses heart shaped potato stamp all over both medium heart cut-outs (the wings of the owl) — this time making the pattern denser as to create contrast between body and wings.

Step three: Taking the other big heart cut-out, child folds it as shown so that a beak shape is formed between what-is-to-be the owl’s 2 eyes.


 Step four: Unfold and stamp on beak.

Step five: Turn heart over and fold down beak. Stamp on eyes.

Head of owl complete: Beak and eyes stamped on folded heart

Step Six: Fold wings vertically and glue onto body of owl.

Step Seven: Glue down beak. Glue head onto owl’s body in placement shown.

Step Eight: Glue on ears and talons as shown above.

Step Nine: Depending on skill level, adult or child writes “Owl love you” on pink heart. Glue on so that owl appears to be holding the Valentine note. Send off to child’s Valentine!

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