Paper Red Poppies

With Remembrance Day (or Memorial Day) coming up, here is a new red poppy craft for parents and teachers to make with kids to make talking about the day and it’s importance a bit easier. Today, I’m sharing how to make Red Poppy Paper Flowers which can be used as a decor piece or transformed into pins after you’re done.

These paper poppies can be used to decorate picture frames, you can add magnets to the back, or you can turn them into pins. You could even glue pipe cleaners, kebab skewers or wire to them to make a bouquet. Ella wants to add them to a wreath so we’re probably going to experiment with that later this week.


  • Colored cardstock paper– red, yellow, black and green.
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • Poppy Paper Flower Template
  • Tip: you can also print the poppy paper template directly onto your cardstock to skip the step of tracing.


Prepare the patterns from the template by printing and cutting them out.

Trace the patterns on the selected colored cardstock papers and cut them out:

  • Red cardstock: 6 petals and one big circle
  • Green cardstock: leaves
  • Black cardstock: 2 other big circles
  • Yellow cardstock: small circle

Take the 3 circles (2 black and 1 yellow) and cut thin and even fringe patterns around them.

Take the petals and cut 4-5 small (1 cm) slits along the top edge of the petals. Also cut a slit of 2 cm at the middle of the bottom edge of the petals.

Apply glue on any one side of the bottom slit and overlap the other side of the slit on the top of the glued part. Overlap about a cm of both sides of the slits and press tightly to join the overlapped parts together.

Prepare the rest of the petals the same way.

Take the red circle and place it on a flat surface and glue the 3 bigger petals near the edge of the circle, keeping even gaps between the 3 petals.

Glue the 3 other petals (second layer of petals) on the red circle but close to center of the red circle, placing each of the second layer petals between the first layer petals.

After you’re done gluing the petals, glue one of the black circles on the center of the flower and then glue the yellow circle on the black circle.

Take the last circle (the other black circle) and crumble the fringes towards the center to form a ball shape. Apply glue to secure the crumbled piece if required.

Glue the crumbled piece on the center of the yellow center from step 8. Glue the leaves at the bottom side of the flower and done!

Let us know in the comments how you liked this craft!

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