Rainbow Sponge Painting

This Rainbow Sponge Painting activity will go hand in hand with a conversation about the weather and, with Spring upon us, it is a fresh, season related activity that children of all ages will really enjoy! It is appropriate for toddler, preschoolers, and grade-schoolers, and all of them will agree that this is a fun and magical way to make a rainbow!

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

Supplies Needed: 

  • 1 sponge per child
  • 1 paint brush per child
  • Paint in the colors of the rainbow
  • White Construction Paper


Start by simply swiping each color of the rainbow onto a sponge.

Then, let your child press the sponge on the paper or swipe it across.

Some children even decide to paint the skinny edge of the sponge, as pictured below!

Any way is the right way!  This is a fun and easy activity geared towards encouraging your child’s artistic ability!

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