Rock Monster Craft

Kids of all ages will love this Rock Monster Craft. It’s roaring fun for children who can’t resist filling their pockets with rocks of all shapes and sizes.

Rock Monsters look so adorable in potted plants or hidden in the garden. This craft is easy and fun! The kids are going to love it. 


  • Rocks (find them outside!)
  • Permanent markers
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Hot glue


After gathering your supplies, invite the children to draw on their rocks with the Sharpie markers. It’s a great time for kids to practice patterning, symmetry, and design.

After the children have decorated their stones, help them use the hot glue, and hot glue gun to attach the wiggly eyes. Older kids can do this part independently, with supervision.

When the rocks are all finished, the kids can play with them or spread them around a garden or potted plants!

Let us know how you liked this one!

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