School Bus Discovery Bottle

You and your child can be Back-to-School ready with this fine motor practice activity! This craft incorporates scissor skills, color practice, alphabet recognition, following instructions, counting, and more!

What you need:

  • Bottles – up-cycled bottles would work great.
  • Yellow papers
  • Coloring supplies if you want (in yellow, of course).
  • Scissors
  • A permanent marker
  • Black and red duct tape
  • A glue gun
  • Assorted yellow items

How to make it:

1. Have your child cut up small pieces of paper using child-friendly scissors. You can draw some lines for them to follow, but don’t worry about particular shapes and sizes.

2. Add your cut pieces of paper to your bottle. You can add in other fun yellow finds such as beads, sequins, and anything else your child wants to throw in.

3. Glue the lid shut!

4. Cut out pieces of black duct tape as windows and wheels using the scissors. Add a red duct tape stop sign. 

5. Draw on some lines to make it look more like a bus.

Play and discover! Find the alphabet, name the objects that were put inside. And talk about what a fun school year it’s going to be.

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