Simple Activities for Little Engineers

Do your kids enjoy learning about how things work? Do they love to solve problems? If so, you may be raising an engineer in-the-making!

Here are some of our favorite play ideas and activities to foster the next generation of innovators.

Newspaper Play Structures – Build and rebuild these newspaper structures to create amazing spaces. They can be covered with a light sheet to be made into forts, tents, reading nooks, and more!

Build a Marble Run with Pool Noodles – lots of fun, and great for developing important problem-solving skills.


Build a Flashlight – a simple, but effective self-correcting exercise. Especially great for older kids who love to take things apart and put them back together again!


Building Roads – Foster your child’s inner civil engineer and build roads with masking tape and buildings with blocks!


Build Blinky Bugs – An introductory electrical engineering project that requires a bit of grown-up help.


Potion Lab – Transform into pretend chemical engineers and mix formulas (colored water) using empty plastic bottles, funnels, and eye droppers.


Design a Cardboard Airplane – Explore aerospace engineering by building cardboard airplanes, space ships, or hot air balloons!

Have fun!!

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