Squishy Hearts

Have fun with your kids this Valentine’s Day with this squishy heart activity! It turns out that memory foam makes an excellent base for DIY squishies, and the process of making them is easy enough for most kids to do alone or with the help of an adult.

This DIY squishy activity is mainly just for fun, but cutting the memory foam promotes fine motor skills, and creating a design that will work as a squishy also requires some design and engineering skills to get it right. The first attempts at a squishy might not be perfect, but with practice, your kids will produce perfect homemade squishy toys.


  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors (fabric scissors work best!)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Marker
  • Memory foam pillow


1.Open your pillow and allow it to fully expand. Ours took about 24 hours to reach its full size.

2. Draw the design onto the pillow with a marker. Make the design slightly larger than you want the finished size to be, because you’ll end up trimming it down a bit later on.

3. Squish the pillow down as much as possible, and cut out the design with your fabric scissors. We found fabric scissors were a lot easier to use with the memory foam than other kinds of scissors. After cutting out the original design, let the hearts fully expand.

If your pillow is very thick, you may find you can cut them in half lengthwise to reduce the size from about 4 inches tall to 2 inches tall and double the number of squishies that you have.

4. Use the scissors to trim around the design to round things off and make the design more evident.

5. Dilute your paint with 1 part water and 1 part paint. This will keep the paint from cracking when applied to the squishy.

6. Paint the hearts and let dry. It took about 24 hours for our paint to fully dry.

Squish and play with the hearts as much as you want!

Let us know what you think of these squishy hearts. Happy crafting!

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