Summer’s Here!

That means it’s time to get outside with our kids and have some fun!

Here are some great outdoor activities your kids will love…


Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats

river 2

Fill some ice cube trays with colored water, cover them with plastic wrap, and poke toothpicks through. When they are frozen add some little paper sails. The river part of it is equally easy. Use the cheap aluminum foil from the dollar store. Just unroll it, curl up the sides a little, and start the garden hose. It doesn’t need to be a great big hill, but a slope is definitely helpful. You can even try making a bridge!

DIY Sand Art

sand art

The trick is sealing it with glue on top so it stays the way you made it!


Or make your own framed Sand Footprints by following the instructions here…



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