Throw the Ball Splatter Painting!

This fun outdoor activity will turn a big old box into a new art studio!  Just in time for the summer!

box paint


  • Box (the bigger, the better)
  • Butcher Paper (this is optional, you can tape it inside the box to then remove the painting once it is finished and hang it up)
  • Balls
  • Sensory Squishy Creatures

paint a box supplies


  • Set out a few plastic balls and those sensory squishy creatures (available at the dollar store or even at the dollar spot at Target)
  • With some vibrant colored  paint set out in flat trays, encourage your children to dip their balls and then splash!

box play with balls

painting a box with squishypainting inside the box

Your kid is now an artist who throws paint! You can save to display or frame it.

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