Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft

Get into the Autumn mood with this fun Fall tree craft! This activity is a great opportunity to work on sensory skills and motor skills with your child. Not only fun and easy, but also incorporates color identification, cutting with scissors, drawing, and gluing! Lets get to it!

What you’ll need:

  • red, yellow, orange and gold tissue paper (cut into squares)
  • paper plate
  • cardboard
  • brown paint
  • small paper plate
  • school glue
  • stapler


1. Start by cutting a rectangle out of your cardboard for your tree trunk. Cut another small section out to use as a stamp to make texture onto your tree trunk. Pour a small amount of brown paint onto a paper plate and using the end of the extra cardboard piece, dip it into the brown paint and then onto your cardboard trunk. Make lines up and down your trunk. (As an alternative and to save time, you could also use a brown marker to make the lines on the tree trunk.)

2. Add school glue onto one section on the back of a paper plate and then scrunch and add tissue paper onto the paper plate. Continue adding glue and tissue paper to different sections until it is full.

3. Staple your tree trunk onto the bottom of your paper plate.

And that’s it! So simple, so easy, so fun! We are gearing up for fall and loving these autumn activities. Let us know if you tried this craft and how you liked it!

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